New Trailer in the Works – Part 17

Things I “shoulda” done.

  1. Used a spade bit or Forstner bit to countersink the OUTSIDE of the 2×4 stakes so the bolts would be smoother on the inside. Then too, carriage bolts could be used so the inside head is even smoother. Unfortunately I have a real dislike of carriage bolts since once the threads get rusty, and then they start spinning instead of unscrewing, then they often have to be ground off. Actually I think if I did it again I would just use deck screws on the inside, and not mess with all the drilling and hardware.
  2. Left the folding “hinges” off completely, and maybe added a solid strap instead when assembling the frame. Just make it that much stronger since I never expect for this trailer to actually be folded up. (For one where it is stored is a dirt floor, and the small casters seem like they would sink in and probably tip the whole thing over, and probably when I have my back to it!)
  3. The front braces on the inside. Should have made full length, don’t know why I didn’t… or at least put a taper on the top edge of the lower piece so dirt and junk doesn’t just pile up on it.

Things I “done good” on.

  1. Using the tip I saw to mount the trailer jack worked out really well. Very solid, and out of the way.
  2. Routing recessed edges on the plywood deck. Fit down in between the side rails of the frame very nicely, giving a flat surface to work from. There are other ideas out there to add strips of wood on top of the cross members, then put the deck over that. I think that would work, I just did not want to add more parts then necessary.
  3. Putting on a steel strap to back up D-Rings. I think this will really assist in making sure the rings are not just pulled through the plywood by Popeye tightening the straps/chains down.

On to the next project!!

I think doing maintenance on the 12′ dual axle trailer!

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