LeFurge Preserve Panoramas

These are some Panorama photos, also known as 360’s, or 360° photos.

These are sort of fun to play with. Simple to use, just click with your mouse and move it around! You can also use with a tablet and a finger!

Thanks to Mark who took these and many other great photos and drone footage of the SMLC preserves! Right now they act a little wonky, maybe because of how I am trying to link to YouTube? When it opens, click on it, and it should then open into a 360 for you to scroll around in.

These are really great and I am so glad Mark had them! I was sort of miffed that I had no good pictures of the field before I started clearing the brush out of it. In these you can really see how much had grown up in the field. Some areas were getting pretty intense and were a challenge to clean up! There are (as of November 2020) still some areas around the outside that need to be cleared. Most notable are the SW corner of this field, and some places along the North edge.

There are additional pages of panoramas using the page numbers below.