A tour of LeFurge Nature Preserve

Playing around with making “tours”. You start at one location then look for, and then click on, the small “hiker” icon to go to the next location within LeFurge Nature Preserve. If you are seeing a black rectangle with icons on it in the picture, then I am not working to support your device. (Don’t feel bad, it doesn’t work on some of mine either!). To make the pictures show on older hardware I must convert the picture size to a “1×2” format. Even if carefully done this distorts the image, which means other people see a less than optimum image. So. . . Sorry

The icons with the small camera indicate a photo is attached. Click on the icon to see it. The hiker icon takes you to the next view, or preserve.

Use the double arrow at the bottom right to go “Full Screen” for the best experience! You can use the “Esc” key to close that window when you are done.

2021-03 Just added a compass to show you which way you are heading! The solid red end points to the North.

2021-03 Added the new Secrest Preserve to the full tour! Also link to get you back to the SMLC News web page.