New Trailer in the Works – Part 3

Continuing the assembly of the Harbor Freight trailer.

[aiovg_video id=1258]

Today was continuing to work on the main frame. Added fenders, springs, axle, and a couple of stake pockets I had not put on yet.

I did all the assembly on top of the workbench to save the back from having to bend down, hunch over, wear and tear on the knees, etc. Wait, how the heck am I going to get this thing off the workbench now!

Maybe time to start thinking about deck, and rails for it. I am thinking about solid deck, while this trailer is designed to fold up, I don’t think it ever will. Actually I have not even put the casters that came with it on since I do not think it will fold up. It would make the trailer somewhat sturdier by having a solid deck. Could even remove the flimsy hinges and put solid strap on in their place.

Hmmm… need to go off and ponder this for a while…..

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