New Trailer in the Works – Part 5

Worked on lighting today. Mounted the two side lights and two rear tail/brake lights.

[aiovg_video id=1279]

The brake lights mounted. The wiring diagram says to wire up these lights differently… I couldn’t do it that was because there are not enough wires. Will leave it loose for now and test it before completing.

Running the wires down the frame, and leaving slack for potential folding of the trailer. However I expect to never fold it up.

Put new grease zerks in both wheels. One was completely missing and one was broken and unusable.

Will be mounting the jack next time. I don’t like how it fits on the tongue rails. They are to narrow, and it seems pretty “wobbly”. I saw a tip about putting a 4″x4″ piece in the tongue where there is currently a cross brace. I may investigate doing that. It certainly seems like it would give a more rigid mounting surface, and if something bends/breaks, maybe it is better that it is the wood rather than the steel trailer frame!

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