Welcome to Nature News

This is a personal web page by George. It has things that interest me, but primarily pertain to my activities at Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy. Being a personal page, I may change things whenever I want, feel moved, or bored and want to play around with something.

SO…. something may be here today and gone tomorrow, or the day after, or next month, or… you get the point.

Mostly I do photos of project that I have worked on, or are interested in.. etc.

The .news URL is registered to me. It’s been out there, no one wanted it, so I took it. I had been posting some albums as a subdomain on another web site, but decided I wanted to break away from that.

BTW This page has nothing to do with Saint Marks Lutheran Church, Savannah Area Realtors.com, Science and Math Learning Center, or any other combination of those letters…..


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