New Trailer in the Works – Part 9

Adding a trailer jack.

The frame on the HT Trailer is pretty narrow. The trailer jack didn’t want to sit very well on it, and when it did it wants to lean in whatever direction it decides to.

Had to be a better way to mount it. I saw a tip on this online and thought it would work.

So, cut a 4″x4″ to fit inside the rails where the existing steel brace already is mounted.

Didn’t want plain old wood, so found some red paint around to paint it similar to the frame.

Cut a small channel in it to let the wiring pass through.

Finally, all mounted and tested. Ready to go!

Take it off the bench, and there is the completed trailer, ready to roll down the road for a license plate!

Coming later, adding a deck and sidewalls so that the trailer can actually be used to carry something around!

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