3-Point Carry All for Kubota

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I wanted a way to carry things out into the field when working “out back”. I searched around for awhile, and in April 2018 found a used 3-point hitch carrier for sale at a reasonable price. I contacted them, went and looked at it, then purchased and brought back to the barn. I spent some […]

3-Point Carry All for Kubota – 2

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It’s been four years since I made the 3-Point carry all for the Kubota. Getting ready to do some field work, and thought I would like a means to carry tools: chainsaws, gas, bar oil, spare chains, chainsaw tools, loppers for brush, gloves, water, and anything else that may come up. I decided to add […]

Close the Barn Door!

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Back in 2016 or so, several times during storms the large doors on the “Red Barn” blew completely off the track! These are big, and they are heavy, and they are hard to get back on the track! Taylor and I drove some rebar into the ground in front of them, and added a cross […]