New Trailer in the Works – Part 1

A nice donation was made of a light utility trailer. It will be very useful, once it is assembled and licensed.

That’s a trailer in those boxes. Who woulda knew?

Well, the parts are starting to look like it could be something, someday.

Lots of nut’s and bolt’s. A bunch of red rails that all look to much alike, that can’t be good. An instruction manual is included, nice drawings, but none of the parts are actually numbered so not always easy to tell what goes where….. insert tab c into slot c and hit it with a hammer!

Day One – Main Frame Assembly was about 2.5 hours in real time! As you will see, by the amount of time I spent on it, the hitch was a *itch! The angles on everything did not want to align, but it finally all clicked into place.

Below is a new format using a plug-in to allow you to change video quality. Sort of “Great-Good-Okay-This sucks”. Use the setting by hovering the mouse pointer over the window, click the gear icon, and select what you want.

[aiovg_video id=1196]

I’m glad this goes fast, you may not notice that I installed the center rail on both the front section and the rear section incorrectly. I had to remove the stake pockets and the rail, move them to the correct hole that shares a bolt with the stake pocket. Oops. But I corrected it without to much time and effort.

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