New Trailer in the Works – Part 7

Wheels! After a lot of work on, smoothing the gouges in the axle, (Hammer or chisel getting old bearing off?) enough to get the new bearings back on, packing the bearings, making the new hub fit the axle, then making the wheel fit the new hub, (The new hub is welded at the seat face, the rim did not have enough radius on the ID to sit flat on the hub face, wobbled like crazy!) I was ready to mount the tire on the wheel!

As always getting the bead broken was a major PITA. Finally used some heavy equipment to break it free. Once that was done, getting the old tire off the rim, and installing the new one went pretty easy.

After getting the tire on, had to use the strap to get it to seal up to hold air. Had to pump it up to 60 PSI to seat the bead! When it seated it startled the heck out of me, wasn’t expecting it to be quite so violent! Then, I saw the back side had not seated, so added more air until it popped with a mighty sonic boom! With the soap on the tire/rim it sent soapy mist all over. But the job was done.

Mounted the wheels on the trailer, and both the bearing and wheels now run true.

[aiovg_video id=1309]

Trailer Jack coming up.

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