New Trailer in the Works – Part 2

Day 2 was spent cleaning! The new hub came filled with “shipping grease”, and the bearings themselves are not fully packed. To look at the hub you would think it is ready to go. It was fully loaded with a LOT of an odd blue grease. But, when the bearings were removed the rollers were actually dry, no grease on them or the races at all! The old hub had enough use that it made sense to clean it all out and repack the bearings. So spent a couple of hours disassembling and scrubbing grease off of all the parts. A nice parts cleaning station would be much easier than a peanut can and toothbrush! Needed to remove the seals from both hubs to get the bearings out, hopefully I did no damage in the process.

I have some highly rated bearing grease coming that I will pack the bearings with, then begin assembling the hubs to put them on the axles.

There is certainly a difference between the old and new hubs! Old is solid cast iron, new is stamped steel. It’s fairly thick steel, but still a big difference.

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