New Trailer in the Works – Part 8

After working on a few other projects, and waiting for some parts, I got back to finishing the wiring on the HF trail lights. Sort of a slow job. My back is very happy the trailer is still sitting on the workbench so I wasn’t hunkered over all the time working 20″ off the ground! I may never get the assembled trailer off the bench, but it sure made it easier working on it with it up in the air.

After running the wires and doing the hookups, I took the time to put the wires in a 1/4″ split wire loom to (hopefully) give added protection to the wires under the trailer. Stuffing those wires into the loom is sort of a tedious task, but finally got it done. If you are looking close, and being picky, you will see a coil of wires outside of the loom. That is there so when the trailer is folded up for storage (which I do not think it ever will be.) there is extra wire to go around the bend.

I cleaned everything up, backed the vehicle into the barn, and hooked up the lights to the 4 pin trailer light plug. Whada ya know? It actually worked! Should have taken the tripod so I could mount the camera, couldn’t get a video of the brake lights working since I couldn’t hold the camera at the back of the trailer and push on the brake pedal at the same time. (Actually it was in the back seat of the car, just didn’t think about it at the time.) Maybe when I pull it out of the barn for the first shake down run, hopefully not “shake apart” run, I can get a better video then.

[aiovg_video id=1296]

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