New Trailer in the Works – Part 18

The trailer has been “done” for awhile now. Have used it a couple of times to go down the back roads to other preserves. As I am chugging along behind the tractor, at a blazing 8 MPH, I constantly watch behind me for vehicles coming up.

I do use the hazard lights on the tractor, and it has a “Slow Moving Vehicle” placard as is required. But, they are both sort of covered up by the trailer itself. Soooo….

I decided to add some things.

First, there was a Slow Moving Vehicle placard on a shelf, been there since I have been volunteering, decided it would be more useful, being used.

8 foot trailer with SMV sign.

That looks good, and now am compliant with road rules. Still, I though maybe it could be made even more noticeable.

I went shopping on Amazon and found a couple items I thought would work for what I wanted to do.

Cable with relay plugs.

A simple 12 volt accessory adapter with output similar to trailer light plug. Also a 12 volt “blinker” or relay to make lights flash on and off. A simple matter to wire these up, put on some shrink tube, and ready to go… well almost. The plug had to have the polarity reversed to fit into the trailer side four prong plug. Since I had to cut it to wire in the relay anyway it was no big deal. Now plug it into the accessory port on the Kubota and into the trailer.

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