New Trailer in the Works – Part 14

Rainy day today, good time to be inside working on the trailer project!

Finished the fourth side! All done with those now.

Could not get bolts the correct length, and had to go to the next larger increment. So. . . they stick out inside the trailer bed. I don’t want people, especially myself, getting cut on the threads. Sort of after the fact I wish I had countersunk the 2″x4″ stakes, and put the nuts inside the countersink on the outside of the trailer. This would have left the relatively smooth bolt head on the inside of the trailer.

Instead I got out the angle grinder and cut the excess threads off, and flushed them up with the nuts.

I then did the same for the tail gate latches.

Before and After excess threads are removed.

Need to fasten the front side to the two long sides yet, then getting close to buttoning this project up!

I am going to put a few small D-Rings on the outside yet so that tarps can be placed over the trailer and then strapped down.

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