Mowing the fields of SMLC – Farm 2022

Mowing the fields at SMLC Conservancy farm is done on a rotational basis. One quarter of the field is done each year to keep invasive plants and shrubs down.

The is the North West 1/4 of the field looking west.

I need to work on the West-East leg a bit, maybe a compass to get it headed truly west!

The small green areas on the left (North) side are brush piles, and also where I went around nee Oak trees coming up!

These photos are after the first day of mowing. The area is approximately 11 acres.

Very large file size – Orthophoto of field. Have patience while it loads.

The second day of mowing the field at the farm. The newly mown area is lighter green. Since they are starting restoration work in this area it is the last of the mowing at the farm this year.

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