2022 Field Mowing – LeFurge Picnic Area – Day 1

This 2.5 acre area has not been mown for years now and is starting to get overgrown with Buckthorn and other undesirable plants. It can be seen in the picture above where larger brush and trees were mown around since they were to large to comfortably take down with the brush hog on the Kubota.

Also, when it was mown last, some areas to the West and South of the field were not done and are now very overgrown with trees up to 2-3 inches which requires an additional level of removal beyond simple mowing with the brush hog.

While I would like to clear the area within the trail network I think that is beyond reasonable expectations. My goal is to maintain the areas that are not completely overgrown in this section and the one to the north of it.

Hopefully this is the next area to clear, and is not to overgrown yet!

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