LeFurge SSE 20 Acre Field Mowing – Day 4 and 5.

Finished the mowing on day 5 with the Northeast corner. It was last because it is a royal (literally) pain in the butt to mow! The ground is very rough, and it doesn’t help someone got both the tractor and the pickup stuck in it a couple of years ago leaving very deep ruts. (PS NOT me, although I did get it out.)

There is a field next to this one that has been wonderfully maintained by the neighbors! Since the 20 acre field is finally cleared, it was easy to see where the far east field could now be easily accessed. Either on foot, or with the tractor. I am sure this is only possible in very dry times of the year though.

A longer term goal would be to see about clearing as much as this field as possible before it is completely overgrown with Buckthorn like the field to the west of it was.

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