Close the Barn Door 2!

Finish the latches on the barn door. Seems to work okay, and it looks much nicer with the old rebar and boards removed now.

Latches added to both door.
Latches added to both doors.

Some may say “Hey, you put the latch on backwards!” Well, yes I did, for a reason. Hopefully for a good reason.

Since there is no way to pull the door tight against the frame from the inside other than trying to pull on the latch “eye” I reversed it so the actual latch can be used to pull the door in against the frame then latched. Works well, and when unlatched it hangs down and inside the space created by the perpendicular cross boards.

Doors must now be opened from inside, which is okay since the doors are seldom used, and it will help to keep curious people out of the barn. You can see the light coming through a door behind the latch photo above, but this actually goes into the silo and cannot be used for access.

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