Close the Barn Door!

Back in 2016 or so, several times during storms the large doors on the “Red Barn” blew completely off the track! These are big, and they are heavy, and they are hard to get back on the track! Taylor and I drove some rebar into the ground in front of them, and added a cross board to hold the doors shut. This worked well, and the doors have never come back off, a real plus.

But, this was never meant to be permanent, and certainly was not a good looking or elegant solution.

So, the other day I decided to do something about this.

I got some hardware, power driver, screws, boards, etc. Did some measuring and started with holding the doors closed in the center.

The two door stops put in position to hold center of doors in place.
The doors closed on the stops.

It looks like I created a gap in the door, bur really I did not. The doors are no longer aligned and they do close together at the top, and will not close at the bottom. I’m not keen on attempting to adjust the hanger bolts. There are very old, and very rusty. If I broke a bolt I would have a bigger project than I want on my hands!

Next I need to install some latches on the inside of the door to hold the sides in place.

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