LeFurge Fencerow Clearing – Day 9

Made some slight progress today. Temperature went up to 40 which is great, except now it is going to start getting muddy. Hard enough stumbling over short cut off stumps, vines that seem to be everywhere, shoe laces that get caught on brambles, and my own two left feet.

But check out the beautiful blue sky with the light clouds. A nice day to be outside!

This is in the field looking Northeast. Getting through the actual fencerow was a challenge, but now that I have an opening it is a little easier to keep working across the north-south route heading east. As can be seen there were a number of large trees that had fallen in the past and apparently pushed up against the old fence. I went ahead an cut them up hoping that it will help them rot quicker.

Unfortunately it was way to windy today to get the drone up. Looks like it should be good for flying tomorrow though, so will get a few shots before I begin any more work.

Orthophoto section at 300X.

This is the orthophoto I made from 100 feet. The picture above has been resized to 1920×1080 so that it loads fairly quickly. This detail of the wood pile has been enlarged to 300x to show level of details.

Orthophoto section at 300X

This is the same photo, but in it’s original resolution.11651 x 4894 pixels. The calculated resolution (GSD) is less than 1 cm/pixel. GSD is defined as the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels measured on the ground. This metric is related to the camera focal length, the resolution of the camera sensor, and the camera’s distance from the subject. It is usually described in centimeters per pixel (cm/px)

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