LeFurge Fencerow Clearing – Starting Out

At the LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve there is a fencerow that runs West to East when you exit the parking lot and start at the trailhead.

It is severely overgrown with a lot of non-native species, primarily Buckthorn. I thought it might make a good winter project to start clearing it out! It’s especially nice for the winter since it is close to parking (so I can warm up if needed!) and not far to carry equipment. (Because stuff is heavy, and stomping through snow doesn’t make it any easier.)

I asked about undertaking it as a project and got the go ahead.

To get an idea of the work involved I plotted it out on Google Earth.

It is a total of 453 feet in length from the back of the kiosk to the perpendicular trail at the end, and has 25,822 square feet. Whew! Not the largest area I cleared for sure, but it has a lot of much larger growth in it. It sounds a lot better to say “It’s only a little over a half acre!” (.59 actually.)

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