Trail Work – Playtime

After getting the tree cleared from the trail in Secrest preserve I was pondering it again. I thought what could I do here…. I thought this tree made me so tired taking it all down, how about a place to rest! So, now there is a place that a person can sit and relax awhile […]

Trail Work – The Clean Up

While I was able to get the tree down safely, and cut everything up, I could not clear the area by hand. Some of the pieces were probably still in the hundreds of pounds each. Whew. I went back with the Kubota and starting lifting and pushing the pieces around to clear the trail. The […]

Trail Work – Clearing

The trail is Secrest is partially blocked. A few branches were cleared so the path was usable, but was not a permanent situation. Going over again with some equipment, I was able to start gradually removing branches from the end, working toward the trunk. This is a good sized tree for sure! The chainsaw has […]