Dizzying Small World Globe

Almost guaranteed to make your head spin faster than this globe. Cool, but very sensitive to a mouse.

The first pano is 560 by 560 pixels using an iframe.

This pano is the default, using just the ipano id code.

The following pano is 600×300 using the ipano id.

iframe width=”100%” height=”500px” src=”https://smlc.news/ipanorama/virtualtour/15″ frameborder=”5″ allowfullscreen></iframe

There are several ways of specifying the size of the window to display the iPanorama.

And the other is to put it into an iFrame like this:

iframe src=”https://web.site/ipanorama/virtualtour/small-world” allowfullscreen=”” width=”560″ height=”560″ frameborder=”0″></iframe

(You need to add the < to the start, and to the end>. This is how the first of the panos above was done.

The default, which works, but you may wish to tailor the size for your tour. i.e. A “Small World” might look nicer in a square window. This is the second/middle pano above.

The second is to add the size directly after the “Short Code”:

ipano id=”1234″ width=600px height=300px

You need to add the [ bracket before and ] after! This shows as the bottom of the three above.