Dual Axle 12′ trailer – Part 1

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Pulled the big trailer into the pole barn to do some maintenance on it. After soaking all the studs and nuts with penetrating oil for a week while I finished another project, I tried to get the nuts off! Whew! Finally put a little heat to them and they begrudgingly squealed free! Pulled the first […]

Dual Axle 12′ trailer – Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series 12' Trailer

A little more work that I did on this donated trailer. Searched out new bearing seals for the four axles. Tracked down new inner and outer bearing. Packed all the bearings, put in new seals, put everything back together.

New Trailer in the Works – Part 18

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The trailer has been “done” for awhile now. Have used it a couple of times to go down the back roads to other preserves. As I am chugging along behind the tractor, at a blazing 8 MPH, I constantly watch behind me for vehicles coming up. I do use the hazard lights on the tractor, […]