LeFurge Fencerow Clearing – Day 5

In case anyone was wondering – the day I refer to is the “working day”, not days since starting the project. Today was one of those days that doesn’t seem like much got done. Just working my way slowly to the East. I think if I get 5-10 feet across the width in a day […]

LeFurge Fencerow Clearing – Day 4

Today was finishing the large Buckthorn, and several other medium sized ones near it. Starting to make a difference now! Really opening up. There is a pile of cut brush in the foreground that I am planning on condensing, will look even better then.

LeFurge Fencerow Clearing – Day 3

Today was mostly cutting a lot of smaller brush using the Stihl FS 90 Brush Cutter with carbide blade. This makes short work of woodies up to about 2″. It is nice to get the small stuff out of the way so I am not stumbling all over the place when I trip on them. […]